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Software Engineer (.NET)

Job Description

  • Candidates must be extremely adaptable to a variety of development tools and technologies and should have good communication skills in English.
  • Applicants must have strong understanding & know-how of object-oriented programming and SQL.
  • Willingness to learn new technologies is highly appreciated at Agilosoft.

Skills Required

  • Your knowledge about the software engineering processes
  • Basic programming concepts (OOP, data structures etc.)
  • Your ability to solve problems
  • Your know-how about the user interfaces
  • Your aptitude
  • Your English skills
  • DB modeling and SQL

Please DO NOT APPLY if:-

  • You have appeared in an Agilosoft Test during the last six months.
  • If you cannot do a full-time job

Programming Languages

Visual Basic, T-SQL, C#, Ada, HTML/XHTML, PHP, VB.NET, VC++, SQL, Objective-C, C++, OWL, ASP, HTML5, UML, VBScript


Software Engineering, OOP

SQA Engineer

Job Description

  • Acquire system understanding quickly and accurately (both from business and technical point of views)
  • Write test specifications:
    • Cover all business and user cases.
    • Extract comprehensive test scenarios from Business and Program Specifications.
  • Test applications as per project scope and priorities.
  • Verbal and written bug reporting without ambiguity.
  • Give suggestions and identify flaws in the system.

Skills required

  • Good IQ (in spotting anomalies)
  • Adaptability in terms of acquiring tools skills quickly
  • Ability to understand Business & Technical Requirements quickly and accurately
  • Good communication skills > comprehension
  • Good communication skills > Narration
  • Basic Computer Familiarity: Knowledge of programming or at least a logical mind so that the individual can do scripting (automation) if required.
  • RDBMS concepts, Query writing skills (not mandatory but beneficial)
  • Knowledge of statistical analysis, testing automation, software quality management, etc. (not mandatory but beneficial)
  • Team player

Programming Languages



BoundsChecker, MS Visio, MS Project

Source Control

Subversion (SVN), Visual SourceSafe


MySQL, Microsoft SQL


Software Engineering

Senior/Lead Developer

Job Description

  • The ideal candidate must be highly proficient in programming and databases.
  • Excellent written & oral communication skills are required.
  • The candidate is expected to work with a team of developers & IT professionals and should be able to interact with the clients directly.
  • The candidate is expected to follow established software design & development processes and use appropriate tools including UML & database modeling tools, source control tools, defect tracking systems, and profiling tools & time sheet systems, as well as project management tools.
  • The candidate is expected to carry out technical documentation as per the needs of the project.
  • The candidate is expected to follow best practices in software design and development including coding standards, UI design standards, database design practices, etc.
  • Candidates with experience of Microsoft technologies (Visual Studio .NET & SQL Server) will be given preference.

Please DO NOT APPLY if you do not meet the experience (min. 3 years of software design & development) and skills requirements for the position.

Programming Languages

XML/XSL,, PHP, T-SQL, JavaScript, C#, SQL, HTML5, UML


Microsoft SQL


Software Design, Multithreading

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